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Compatible Toners

A compatible toner cartridge is one that is specially designed to work with a particular brand and model of printer. Compatible ink is manufactured by third party manufacturers and is designed to work in designated printers without infringing on patents of printer manufacturers. Compatible inks and toners may come in a variety of packaging including sealed plastic wraps or taped plastic wraps. Compatible cartridges are often cheaper – sometimes more than 50% less than genuine cartridges – saving you a significant amount of money

Benefits of having Compatible Toners

Compatible toner cartridges have the same yield as OEM toner cartridges, but at a better price point. Compatible cartridges utilize numerous recycled parts and components from the original cartridge, reducing the use of the environmentally harmful materials and pollutants. Good quality printing at a lower cost – sometimes even half the cost of the branded cartridge. Reduce the amount of time spent searching for compatible toner cartridges. From the newest color models to legacy printers, you can be confident that there will be a compatible offering for you. Compatible and re-manufactured OEM cartridges are available from higher quality manufacturers that produce more reliable products.

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